12 CFR § 128.11 - Nondiscriminatory appraisal and underwriting.

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§ 128.11 Nondiscriminatory appraisal and underwriting.

(a) Appraisal. No savings association may use or rely upon an appraisal of a dwelling which the savings association knows, or reasonably should know, is discriminatory on the basis of the age or location of the dwelling, or is discriminatory per se or in effect under the Fair Housing Act of 1968 or the Equal Credit Opportunity Act.

(b) Underwriting. Each savings association shall have clearly written, non-discriminatory loan underwriting standards, available to the public upon request, at each of its offices. Each association shall, at least annually, review its standards, and business practices implementing them, to ensure equal opportunity in lending.

Note to § 128.11:

See also, § 128.9(b), (c)(6), and (c)(7).