12 CFR 16.8 - Small issues.

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§ 16.8 Small issues.

(a) The OCC will deem offers and sales of bank issued securities that satisfy the requirements of Commission Regulation A (17 CFR part 230, Regulation A - Conditional Small Issues Exemption) to be exempt from the registration and prospectus requirements of § 16.3 pursuant to § 16.5(d) of this part.

(b) A filer should consult the Commission's Securities Act Industry Guide 3 - Statistical Disclosure by Bank Holding Companies (17 CFR 229.801(c) and 231) and requirement 7 (Loans) of Rule 9-03 of Commission Regulation S-X (17 CFR 230.9-03) for guidance on appropriate disclosures when preparing offering documents to be filed with the OCC pursuant to Regulation A.