12 CFR § 211.22 - Interstate banking operations of foreign banking organizations.

§ 211.22 Interstate banking operations of foreign banking organizations.

(a) Determination of home state.

(1) A foreign bank that, as of December 10, 1997, had declared a home state or had a home state determined pursuant to the law and regulations in effect prior to that date shall have that state as its home state.

(2) A foreign bank that has any branches, agencies, commercial lending company subsidiaries, or subsidiary banks in one state, and has no such offices or subsidiaries in any other states, shall have as its home state the state in which such offices or subsidiaries are located.

(b) Change of home state—(1) Prior notice. A foreign bank may change its home state once, if it files 30 days' prior notice of the proposed change with the Board.

(2) Application to change home state.

(i) A foreign bank, in addition to changing its home state by filing prior notice under paragraph (b)(1) of this section, may apply to the Board to change its home state, upon showing that a national bank or state-chartered bank with the same home state as the foreign bank would be permitted to change its home state to the new home state proposed by the foreign bank.

(ii) A foreign bank may apply to the Board for such permission one or more times.

(iii) In determining whether to grant the request of a foreign bank to change its home state, the Board shall consider whether the proposed change is consistent with competitive equity between foreign and domestic banks.

(3) Effect of change in home state. The home state of a foreign bank and any change in its home state by a foreign bank shall not affect which Federal Reserve Bank or Reserve Banks supervise the operations of the foreign bank, and shall not affect the obligation of the foreign bank to file required reports and applications with the appropriate Federal Reserve Bank.

(4) Conforming branches to new home state. Upon any change in home state by a foreign bank under paragraph (b)(1) or (b)(2) of this section, the domestic branches of the foreign bank established in reliance on any previous home state of the foreign bank shall be conformed to those which a foreign bank with the new home state could permissibly establish or operate as of the date of such change.

(c) Prohibition against interstate deposit production offices. A covered interstate branch of a foreign bank may not be used as a deposit production office in accordance with the provisions in § 208.7 of Regulation H (12 CFR 208.7).