12 CFR § 308.40 - Review by Board of Directors.

§ 308.40 Review by Board of Directors.

(a) Notice of submission to Board of Directors. When the Administrative Officer determines that the record in the proceeding is complete, the Administrative Officer shall serve notice upon the parties that the proceeding has been submitted to the Board of Directors for final decision.

(b) Oral argument before the Board of Directors. Upon the initiative of the Board of Directors or on the written request of any party filed with the Administrative Officer within the time for filing exceptions, the Board of Directors may order and hear oral argument on the recommended findings, conclusions, decision, and order of the administrative law judge. A written request by a party must show good cause for oral argument and state reasons why arguments cannot be presented adequately in writing. A denial of a request for oral argument may be set forth in the Board of Directors' final decision. Oral argument before the Board of Directors must be on the record.

(c) Final decision.

(1) Decisional employees may advise and assist the Board of Directors in the consideration and disposition of the case. The final decision of the Board of Directors will be based upon review of the entire record of the proceeding, except that the Board of Directors may limit the issues to be reviewed to those findings and conclusions to which opposing arguments or exceptions have been filed by the parties.

(2) The Board of Directors shall render a final decision within 90 days after notification of the parties that the case has been submitted for final decision, or 90 days after oral argument, whichever is later, unless the Board of Directors orders that the action or any aspect thereof be remanded to the administrative law judge for further proceedings. Copies of the final decision and order of the Board of Directors shall be served upon each party to the proceeding, upon other persons required by statute, and, if directed by the Board of Directors or required by statute, upon any appropriate state or Federal supervisory authority.

[56 FR 37975, Aug. 9, 1991, as amended at 86 FR 2248, Jan. 12, 2021]

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