12 CFR § 366.10 - When would I have a conflict of interest?

§ 366.10 When would I have a conflict of interest?

(a) You have a conflict of interest when you, any person that owns or controls you, or any entity you own or control:

(1) Has a personal, business, or financial interest or relationship that relates to the services you perform under the contract;

(2) Is a party to litigation against us, or represents a party that is;

(3) Submits an offer to acquire an asset from us for which services were performed during the past three years, unless the contract allows for the acquisition; or

(4) Engages in an activity that would cause us to question the integrity of the service you provided, are providing or offer to provide us, or impairs your independence.

(b) The following are examples of a conflict of interest. These examples are not inclusive.

(1) You submit an offer to perform property management services for us and you own or manage a competing property.

(2) You audit a business under a contract with us and you or a partner in your firm has an ownership interest in that business.

(3) You perform loan services on a pool of loans we are selling, and you submit a bid to purchase one or more of the loans in the pool.

(4) You audit your own work or provide nonaudit services that are significant or material to the subject matter of the audit.