12 CFR § 622.13 - Exceptions.

§ 622.13 Exceptions.

(a)Filing. Within 15 days after service of the recommended decision of the presiding officer, any party may file exceptions thereto or to any portion thereof, or to the failure of the presiding officer to make any recommendation, finding, or conclusion, or to the admission or exclusion of evidence, or to any other ruling of the presiding officer.

(b)Contents. Each exception shall be supported by a concise argument and by citation of such statutes, decisions and other authorities, and by page references to such portions of the record as may be relevant. If the exception relates to the admission or exclusion of evidence, the substance of the evidence admitted or excluded shall be set forth in the brief with appropriate references to the transcript.

(c)Waiver. Failure of a party to file exceptions to those matters specified in paragraph (a) of this section within the time prescribed shall be a waiver of objection thereto.