12 CFR § 622.12 - Proposed findings and conclusions; recommended decision.

§ 622.12 Proposed findings and conclusions; recommended decision.

(a) Proposed findings and conclusions by parties. Within 30 days after the hearing transcript has been filed, any party may file proposed findings of fact and conclusions of law. Such proposals shall be supported by citation of such statutes, decisions, and other authorities, and by specific page references to such portions of the record as may be relevant. All such proposals shall become a part of the record.

(b) Recommended decision by presiding officer. Within 30 days after the expiration of time allowed under paragraph (a) of this section, or within such further time as the Board for good cause allows, the presiding officer shall file the entire hearing record, including a recommended decision and findings and conclusions, the transcript, exhibits (including on request of any of the parties any exhibits excluded from evidence or tender of proof), exceptions, rulings and all briefs and memoranda filed in connection with the hearing. Promptly upon such filing, the presiding officer shall serve a copy of the recommended decision, findings and conclusions upon each party to the proceeding.

(c) Board as presiding officer. In proceedings in which the Board or one or more of its members has presided at the reception of evidence, the presiding officer's recommended decision, findings of fact, and conclusions of law will be omitted. In such proceedings the proposed findings and conclusions, briefs, and other submissions permitted under paragraph (a) of this section shall be filed with the Board for consideration.