{'United States Code': [{'Title': '12', 'Section': '248', 'headtext': ' Enumerated powers', 'cleanpath': '/uscode/text/12/248'}, {'Title': '12', 'Section': '321', 'headtext': ' Application for membership', 'cleanpath': '/uscode/text/12/321'}, {'Title': '12', 'Section': '322', 'headtext': ' Determination on application', 'cleanpath': '/uscode/text/12/322'}, {'Title': '12', 'Section': '323', 'headtext': ' Stock in Federal reserve banks; method of payment', 'cleanpath': '/uscode/text/12/323'}, {'Title': '12', 'Section': '324', 'headtext': ' Laws applicable on becoming members', 'cleanpath': '/uscode/text/12/324'}, {'Title': '12', 'Section': '325', 'headtext': ' Examinations', 'cleanpath': '/uscode/text/12/325'}, {'Title': '12', 'Section': '326', 'headtext': ' Acceptance of examinations and reports by State authorities; special examinations', 'cleanpath': '/uscode/text/12/326'}, {'Title': '12', 'Section': '327', 'headtext': ' Surrender of stock and cancellation of memberships', 'cleanpath': '/uscode/text/12/327'}, {'Title': '12', 'Section': '328', 'headtext': ' Withdrawals from membership', 'cleanpath': '/uscode/text/12/328'}, {'Title': '12', 'Section': '329', 'headtext': ' Capital stock required as condition precedent to membership', 'cleanpath': '/uscode/text/12/329'}, {'Title': '12', 'Section': '329a', 'headtext': ' Omitted', 'cleanpath': '/uscode/text/12/329a'}, {'Title': '12', 'Section': '330', 'headtext': ' Laws applicable on becoming members; discounts for State banks', 'cleanpath': '/uscode/text/12/330'}, {'Title': '12', 'Section': '331', 'headtext': ' Certifying checks on State banks admitted as members', 'cleanpath': '/uscode/text/12/331'}, {'Title': '12', 'Section': '332', 'headtext': ' Depositaries of public money; financial agents; security required', 'cleanpath': '/uscode/text/12/332'}, {'Title': '12', 'Section': '333', 'headtext': ' Mutual savings banks; application and admission to membership in Federal Reserve System', 'cleanpath': '/uscode/text/12/333'}, {'Title': '12', 'Section': '334', 'headtext': ' Reports from affiliates; penalty for failure to furnish', 'cleanpath': '/uscode/text/12/334'}, {'Title': '12', 'Section': '335', 'headtext': ' Dealing in investment securities; limitations and conditions', 'cleanpath': '/uscode/text/12/335'}, {'Title': '12', 'Section': '336', 'headtext': ' Certificates of stock; representation of stock of other corporations', 'cleanpath': '/uscode/text/12/336'}, {'Title': '12', 'Section': '337', 'headtext': ' Repealed. Pub. L. 89–485, §\u202f13(g), July 1, 1966, 80 Stat. 243', 'cleanpath': '/uscode/text/12/337'}, {'Title': '12', 'Section': '338', 'headtext': ' Examination of affiliates; forfeiture of membership on refusal of affiliate to give information or pay expense', 'cleanpath': '/uscode/text/12/338'}, {'Title': '12', 'Section': '338a', 'headtext': ' Investments to promote public welfare and community development; limitation on investments', 'cleanpath': '/uscode/text/12/338a'}, {'Title': '12', 'Section': '481', 'headtext': ' Appointment of examiners; examination of member banks, State banks, and trust companies; reports', 'cleanpath': '/uscode/text/12/481'}, {'Title': '12', 'Section': '482', 'headtext': ' Employees of Office of Comptroller of the Currency; appointment; compensation and benefits', 'cleanpath': '/uscode/text/12/482'}, {'Title': '12', 'Section': '483', 'headtext': ' Special examination of member banks; information of condition furnished to Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System', 'cleanpath': '/uscode/text/12/483'}, {'Title': '12', 'Section': '484', 'headtext': ' Limitation on visitorial powers', 'cleanpath': '/uscode/text/12/484'}, {'Title': '12', 'Section': '485', 'headtext': ' Examination of Federal reserve banks', 'cleanpath': '/uscode/text/12/485'}, {'Title': '12', 'Section': '486', 'headtext': ' Waiver of requirements as to reports from or examinations of affiliates', 'cleanpath': '/uscode/text/12/486'}, {'Title': '12', 'Section': '1467a', 'headtext': ' Regulation of holding companies', 'cleanpath': '/uscode/text/12/1467a'}, {'Title': '12', 'Section': '1818', 'headtext': ' Termination of status as insured depository institution', 'cleanpath': '/uscode/text/12/1818'}, {'Title': '12', 'Section': '1828', 'headtext': ' Regulations governing insured depository institutions', 'cleanpath': '/uscode/text/12/1828'}, {'Title': '12', 'Section': '1831o-1', 'headtext': ' Source of strength', 'cleanpath': '/uscode/text/12/1831o-1'}, {'Title': '12', 'Section': '1831p-1', 'headtext': ' Standards for safety and soundness', 'cleanpath': '/uscode/text/12/1831p-1'}, {'Title': '12', 'Section': '1844', 'headtext': ' Administration', 'cleanpath': '/uscode/text/12/1844'}, {'Title': '12', 'Section': '5365', 'headtext': ' Enhanced supervision and prudential standards for nonbank financial companies supervised by the Board of Governors and certain bank holding companies', 'cleanpath': '/uscode/text/12/5365'}, {'Title': '12', 'Section': '5366', 'headtext': ' Early remediation requirements', 'cleanpath': '/uscode/text/12/5366'}, {'Title': '12', 'Section': '5368', 'headtext': ' Regulations', 'cleanpath': '/uscode/text/12/5368'}], 'Statutes at Large': [], 'Public Laws': [], 'Presidential Documents': []}