13 CFR § 115.34 - Minimization of Surety's Loss.

§ 115.34 Minimization of Surety's Loss.

(a) Imminent Breach -

(1) Prior approval requirement. SBA will reimburse its guaranteed share of payments made by a Surety to avoid or attempt to avoid an Imminent Breach of the terms of a Contract covered by an SBA guaranteed bond only if the payments were made with the prior approval of OSG. OSG's prior approval will be given only if the Surety demonstrates to SBA's satisfaction that a breach is imminent and that there is no other recourse to prevent such breach.

(2) Amount of reimbursement. The aggregate of the payments by SBA to avoid Imminent Breach cannot exceed 10% of the Contract amount, unless the Administrator finds that a greater payment (not to exceed the guaranteed share of the bond penalty) is necessary and reasonable. In no event will SBA make any duplicate payment pursuant to this or any other provision of this part 115.

(3) Recordkeeping requirement. The Surety must keep records of payments made to avoid Imminent Breach.

(b) Salvage and recovery. A Prior Approval Surety must pursue all possible sources of salvage and recovery until SBA concurs with the Surety's recommendation for a discontinuance or for a settlement. The Surety must certify that continued pursuit of salvage and recovery would be neither economically feasible nor a viable strategy in maximizing recovery. See also § 115.17(b).