13 CFR § 120.1300 - Informal enforcement actions—7(a) Lenders.

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§ 120.1300 Informal enforcement actions—7(a) Lenders.

(a) Upon a determination that the grounds in § 120.1400 exist, the D/OCRM may undertake, in his/her discretion, one or more of the informal enforcement actions listed in this section and is not restricted from delegating as appropriate. SBA will consider the severity or frequency of the violation or action triggering the ground and the circumstances in determining whether and what type of informal action to take. Circumstances that may lead to SBA taking informal enforcement action rather than formal enforcement action include, for example, when problems are narrow in scope and are correctible and SBA is confident of a 7(a) Lender's Board of Directors (“Board”) and management commitment and ability to correct; where violations are less frequent or less severe but warrant enforcement; or while more fully assessing risk.

(b) Informal enforcement actions include, but are not limited to:

(1) An SBA supervisory letter. The letter may discuss serious or persistent supervisory concerns, as determined by SBA, and expected corrective action by the 7(a) Lender. Supervisory letters include, for example, Notices of Material Non-Compliance;

(2) Mandatory training. SBA may require a 7(a) Lender to complete training to address certain findings, weaknesses, and deficiencies;

(3) A commitment letter or Board resolution. SBA may require a 7(a) Lender to submit a commitment letter or Board resolution, satisfactory to SBA, signed by the 7(a) Lender's Board on behalf of the entity that may:

(i) Include specific written commitments to take corrective actions in response to the 7(a) Lender's acknowledged deficiencies;

(ii) Identify the person(s) responsible for taking the corrective action; and

(iii) Set forth the timeframe for taking the corrective action. The document may be drafted by SBA or the 7(a) Lender;

(4) Agreements. SBA may request that a 7(a) Lender enter into a written agreement with, and drafted by, SBA to address and correct identified weaknesses and/or limit or mitigate risk. The agreement may provide, for example, that a 7(a) Lender take certain actions or refrain from certain actions; and

(5) Other informal enforcement actions. Others as SBA determines appropriate on a case by case basis.

(c) A 7(a) Lender may appeal informal enforcement actions to the appropriate Federal district court or SBA's Office of Hearings and Appeals (OHA) within 20 calendar days of the date of the decision, and in the event of an OHA appeal, OHA will issue its decision in accordance with part 134 of this title. The enforcement action will remain in effect pending resolution of the appeal, if any. SBA is not precluded from taking one or more formal enforcement actions under § 120.1500, or as otherwise authorized by law, while an appeal of an informal enforcement action is pending.

[85 FR 14781, Mar. 16, 2020]