13 CFR § 120.660 - Suspension or revocation.

§ 120.660 Suspension or revocation.

(a) Temporary suspension or revocation of Lender, broker, dealer, or Registered Holder for violation of Secondary Market rules and regulations or other risks to SBA. The D/FA together with the Director, Office of Credit Risk Management (D/OCRM) may suspend for a period of no more than 120 calendar days or revoke for a period of no more than two (2) years, the privilege of a Lender, broker, dealer, or Registered Holder to sell, purchase, broker, or deal in loans or Certificates for:

(1) Committing a serious violation, in SBA's discretion, of:

(i) The regulations governing the Secondary Market; or

(ii) Any provisions in the contracts entered into by the parties, including SBA Forms 1086, 1088 and 1454;

(2) Knowingly submitting false or fraudulent information to the SBA or FTA; or

(3) A Lender's receipt, from its primary Federal or state regulator (including SBA), of a cease and desist order, a consent agreement affecting capital or commercial lending issues, a supervisory action citing unsafe or unsound banking practices, or any other supervisory action a primary regulator establishes hereafter that addresses unsafe or unsound lending practices; or a going concern opinion issued by the Lender's auditor. A Lender subject to a public action or going concern opinion must notify the D/FA and the D/OCRM within five (5) business days (or as soon as practicable thereafter) of the public issuance of any such action or the issuance of a going concern opinion. The Lender notice shall include copies of all relevant documents for SBA review.

(b) Additional rules for suspension or revocation of broker or dealer. In addition to acting under paragraph (a) of this section, the D/FA may suspend or revoke the privilege of any broker or dealer to sell or otherwise deal in Certificates in the Secondary Market if:

(1) Its supervisory agency has revoked or suspended the broker or dealer from engaging in the securities business, or is investigating the firm or broker for a practice which SBA considers, in its sole discretion, to be relevant to the broker's or dealer's fitness to participate in the Secondary Market;

(2) The broker or dealer has been indicted or otherwise formally charged with a misdemeanor or felony which bears on its fitness to participate in the Secondary Market; or

(3) A civil judgment is entered holding that the broker or dealer has committed a breach of trust or a violation of any law or regulation protecting the integrity of business transactions or relationships.

(c) Notice to suspend or revoke. The D/FA and the D/OCRM shall notify the affected party in writing, providing the reasons therefore, at least 10 business days prior to the effective date of the suspension or revocation. The affected party may appeal the suspension or revocation made under this section pursuant to the procedures set forth in part 134 of this chapter. The action taken by the D/FA and the D/OCRM will remain in effect pending resolution of the appeal.

(d) Early termination of suspension or revocation. SBA may, by written notice, terminate a Secondary Market suspension or revocation under this section, if the D/FA and the D/OCRM, in their sole discretion, determine that such termination is warranted for good cause.

[61 FR 3235, Jan. 31, 1996, as amended at 82 FR 39503, Aug. 21, 2017]