13 CFR § 120.842 - ALP Express Loans.

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§ 120.842 ALP Express Loans.

(a) Definition. For the purposes of this section, an ALP Express Loan:

(1) Means a 504 loan in an amount that is not more than $500,000; and

(2) Does not include a loan made to a borrower that is in an industry that has a high rate of default, as annually determined by SBA. SBA will publish an annual list of the industries with a high rate of default in a notice in the Federal Register.

(b) Requirements for the underwriting, approving, closing, and servicing of ALP Express Loans—(1) General. When underwriting, approving, closing, and servicing 504 loans under this section, the ALP CDC must comply with Loan Program Requirements and conduct such activities in accordance with prudent and commercially reasonable lending standards.

(2) Documentation of decision making. For each ALP Express Loan, the ALP CDC must document in its files the basis for its decisions with respect to underwriting, approving, closing, and servicing the loan.

(3) Processing requirements—(i) Eligibility. An ALP Express Loan is subject to SBA's final approval as to eligibility and, for each loan, an ALP CDC must submit the documents required by SBA to complete the eligibility review. ALP CDCs must submit to SBA for review and approval any servicing action that the ALP CDC proposes prior to closing that may affect the eligibility of the borrower or the ALP Express Loan.

(ii) Credit decisions. The ALP CDC is responsible for properly determining the applicant's creditworthiness and establishing the terms and conditions under which the ALP Express Loan will be made in accordance with SBA's Loan Program Requirements and prudent lending standards. The ALP CDC's determination regarding creditworthiness will not be subject to SBA review.

(4) Submission of loan documents. An ALP CDC must notify SBA of its credit decision on an ALP Express Loan by submitting to SBA all required documentation. SBA will review these documents to determine whether the applicant and the ALP Express Loan are eligible and whether SBA funds are available for the ALP Express Loan. If approved, SBA will notify the ALP CDC of the loan number assigned to the loan.

(5) Loan and Debenture closing. After receiving notification of the loan number from SBA, the ALP CDC is responsible for properly undertaking all actions necessary to close the ALP Express Loan and Debenture in accordance with the expedited loan closing procedures applicable to a Priority CDC and with § 120.960, and in compliance with all applicable Loan Program Requirements.

(6) Servicing. The ALP CDC is responsible for servicing its ALP Express Loans in accordance with § 120.970. SBA may in certain circumstances, in its discretion, elect to handle such duties with respect to a particular ALP Express Loan or Loans. Additional servicing requirements are set forth in subpart E of this part. The CDC must promptly notify SBA when it approves any servicing action delegated to the CDC under Loan Program Requirements.

(c) Prohibition against making a 504 loan previously submitted to the SBA. An ALP CDC may not process a 504 loan application under paragraph (b)(3) of this section from an applicant whose application was previously submitted to SBA and was withdrawn by the CDC or was declined or otherwise not approved by SBA.

(d) Applicability. The authority to make ALP Express Loans is available for applications submitted to the ALP CDC on or after June 27, 2022 and approved through September 30, 2023.

[87 FR 37982, June 27, 2022, as amended at 88 FR 21900, Apr. 12, 2023]