13 CFR § 120.884 - Ineligible costs for 504 loans.

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§ 120.884 Ineligible costs for 504 loans.

Costs not directly attributable and necessary for the Project may not be paid with proceeds of the 504 loan. These include, but are not limited to, the following:

(a) Debt refinancing (other than interim financing), except as provided in § 120.882(e) and (g).

(b) A CDC may not use 504 loan proceeds to pay any creditor in a position to sustain a loss causing a shift to SBA of all or part of a potential loss from an existing debt.

(c) Third-Party Loan fees (commitment, broker, finders, origination, processing fees of permanent financing).

(d) Ancillary business expenses, such as:

(1) Working capital;

(2) Counseling or management services fees;

(3) Incorporation/organization costs;

(4) Franchise fees; and

(5) Advertising.

(e) Fixed-asset Project components, such as:

(1) Short-term equipment, furniture, and furnishings (unless essential to and a minor portion of the Project);

(2) Automobiles, trucks, and airplanes; and

(3) Construction equipment (except for heavy duty construction equipment integral to the business' operations with a remaining useful life of a minimum of 10 years).

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