13 CFR § 120.883 - Eligible administrative costs for 504 loans.

§ 120.883 Eligible administrative costs for 504 loans.

The following administrative costs are not part of Project costs, but may be paid with the proceeds of the 504 loan and the Debenture (see § 120.971):

(a) SBA guarantee fee;

(b) Funding fee (to cover the cost of a public issuance of securities and the Trustee);

(c) CDC processing fee;

(d) Borrower's out-of-pocket costs associated with 504 loan and Debenture closing other than legal fees (for example, certifications and the copying costs associated with them, overnight delivery, postage, and messenger services) but not to include fees and costs described in § 120.882;

(e) CDC Closing Fee (see § 120.971(a)(2)) up to a maximum of $2,500; and

(f) Underwriters' fee.

[64 FR 2118, Jan. 13, 1999, as amended at 68 FR 57987, Oct. 7, 2003]

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