13 CFR § 120.971 - Allowable fees paid by Borrower.

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§ 120.971 Allowable fees paid by Borrower.

(a) CDC fees. The fees a CDC may charge the Borrower in connection with a 504 loan and Debenture are limited to the following:

(1) Processing fee. The CDC may charge up to 1.5 percent of the net Debenture proceeds to process the financing. Two-thirds of this fee will be considered earned and may be collected by the CDC when the loan number is issued by SBA. The portion of the processing fee paid by the Borrower may be reimbursed from the Debenture proceeds;

(2) Closing fee. The CDC may charge a reasonable closing fee sufficient to reimburse it for the expenses of its in-house or outside legal counsel, and other miscellaneous closing costs (CDC Closing Fee). Some closing costs may be funded out of the Debenture proceeds (see § 120.883 for limitations);

(3) Servicing fee. The CDC will charge a monthly servicing fee of at least 0.625 percent per annum and no more than 2 percent per annum on the unpaid balance of the loan as determined at five-year anniversary intervals. A servicing fee greater than 1.5 percent in a rural area and 1 percent everywhere else requires SBA's prior written approval, based on evidence of substantial need. The servicing fee may be paid only from loan payments received. The fees may be accrued without interest and collected from the CSA when the payments are made.

(4) Late fees. Loan payments received after the 15th of each month may be subject to a late payment fee of 5 percent of the late payment or $100, whichever is greater. These fees will be collected by the CSA on behalf of the CDC; and

(5) Assumption fee. Upon SBA's written approval, a CDC may charge an assumption fee not to exceed 1 percent of the outstanding principal balance of the loan being assumed.

(b) CSA fees. The CSA may charge an initiation fee on each loan and a monthly servicing fee under the terms of the Master Servicing Agreement.

(c) Other agent fees. Agent fees and charges necessary to market and service Debentures and Certificates may be assessed to the Borrower or the investor. The fees must be approved by SBA and published periodically in the Federal Register.

(d) SBA fees.

(1) SBA charges a 0.5 percent guarantee fee on the Debenture.

(2) For loans approved by SBA after September 30, 1996, SBA charges a fee of not more than 0.9375 percent annually on the unpaid principal balance of the loan as determined at five-year anniversary intervals.

(e) Miscellaneous fees. A funding fee not to exceed 0.25 percent of the Debenture may be charged to cover costs incurred by the trustee, fiscal agent, transfer agent.

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