13 CFR § 121.1010 - How does a concern become recertified as a small business?

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§ 121.1010 How does a concern become recertified as a small business?

(a) A concern may request SBA to recertify it as small at any time by filing an application for recertification with the Government Contracting Area Office responsible for the area in which the headquarters of the applicant is located, regardless of the location of parent companies or affiliates. No particular form is prescribed for the application; however, the request for recertification must be accompanied by a current completed SBA Form 355 and any other information sufficient to show a significant change in its ownership, management, or other factors bearing on its status as a small concern.

(b) Recertification will not be required nor will the prohibition against future self-certification apply if the adverse SBA size determination is based solely on a finding of affiliation due to a joint venture (e.g., ostensible subcontracting) limited to a particular Government procurement or property sale, or is based on an ineligible manufacturer where the eligible small business bidder or offeror is a nonmanufacturer on a particular Government procurement.

(c) A denial of an application for recertification is a formal size determination and may be reviewed by OHA at the discretion of that office.

(d) The granting of an application for recertification has future effect only. While it is a formal size determination, notice of recertification is required to be given only to the applicant.