13 CFR § 124.204 - How does SBA process applications for 8(a) BD program admission?

§ 124.204 How does SBA process applications for 8(a) BD program admission?

(a) The AA/BD is authorized to approve or decline applications for admission to the 8(a) BD program.

(1) Except as set forth in paragraph (a)(2) of this section, the DPCE will receive, review and evaluate all 8(a) BD applications.

(2) Where an applicant answers on its electronic application that it is not a for-profit business (see §§ 121.105 and 124.104), that one or more of the individuals upon whom eligibility is based is not a United States citizen (see § 124.104), that the applicant or one or more of the individuals upon whom eligibility is based has previously participated in the 8(a) BD program (see § 124.108(b)), or that the applicant is not an entity-owned business and has generated no revenues (see §§ 124.107(a) and 124.107(b)(1)(iv)), its application will be closed automatically and it will be prevented from completing a full electronic application.

(3) SBA will advise each program applicant within 15 days after the receipt of an application whether the application is complete and suitable for evaluation and, if not, what additional information or clarification is required to complete the application.

(4) SBA will process an application for 8(a) BD program participation within 90 days of receipt of an application package deemed complete by the DPCE. Incomplete packages will not be processed. Where during its screening or review SBA requests clarifying, revised or other information from the applicant, SBA's processing time for the application will be suspended pending the receipt of such information.

(b) SBA, in its sole discretion, may request clarification of information contained in the application at any time in the application process. SBA will take into account any clarifications made by an applicant in response to a request for such by SBA.

(c) The burden of proof to demonstrate eligibility is on the applicant concern. If a concern does not provide requested information within the allotted time provided by SBA, or if it submits incomplete information, SBA may presume that disclosure of the missing information would adversely affect the firm or would demonstrate lack of eligibility in the area to which the information relates.

(d) An applicant must be eligible as of the date the AA/BD issues a decision. The decision will be based on the facts set forth in the application, any information received in response to SBA's request for clarification made pursuant to paragraph (b) of this section, and any changed circumstances since the date of application.

(e) Changed circumstances for an applicant concern occurring subsequent to its application and which adversely affect eligibility will be considered and may constitute grounds for decline. The applicant must inform SBA of any changed circumstances that could adversely affect its eligibility for the program (particularly economic disadvantage and ownership and control) during its application review. Failure to inform SBA of any such changed circumstances constitutes good cause for which SBA may terminate the Participant if non-compliance is discovered after admittance.

(f) The decision of the AA/BD to approve or deny an application will be in writing. A decision to deny admission will state the specific reasons for denial, and will inform the applicant of any appeal rights.

(g) If the AA/BD approves the application, the date of the approval letter is the date of program certification for purposes of determining the concern's program term.

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