13 CFR § 125.4 - What is the Government property sales assistance program?

§ 125.4 What is the Government property sales assistance program?

(a) The purpose of SBA's Government property sales assistance program is to:

(1) Insure that small businesses obtain their fair share of all Federal real and personal property qualifying for sale or other competitive disposal action; and

(2) Assist small businesses in obtaining Federal property being processed for disposal, sale, or lease.

(b) SBA property sales assistance primarily consists of two activities:

(1) Obtaining small business set-asides when necessary to insure that a fair share of Government property sales are made to small businesses; and

(2) Providing advice and assistance to small businesses on all matters pertaining to sale or lease of Government property.

(c) The program is intended to cover the following categories of Government property:

(1) Sales of timber and related forest products;

(2) Sales of strategic material from national stockpiles;

(3) Sales of royalty oil by the Department of Interior's Minerals Management Service;

(4) Leases involving rights to minerals, petroleum, coal, and vegetation; and

(5) Sales of surplus real and personal property.

(d) SBA has established specific small business size standards and rules for the sale or lease of the different kinds of Government property. These provisions are contained in §§ 121.501 through 121.514 of this chapter.

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