13 CFR § 131.310 - Operating requirements.

§ 131.310 Operating requirements.

(a) The recipient organization has contractual responsibility for the duties of the WBC project, which must be a separate and distinct entity within the recipient organization, having its own budget, staff, and full-time WBC Program Director.

(b) The WBC must establish an advisory board that is representative of the community it will serve and that will confer with and provide recommendations to the WBC Program Director on matters pertaining to the operation of the WBC. The advisory board will also assist the WBC in meeting the match requirements of the program.

(c) An employee who is full-time under the WBC program should not engage in activities that do not pertain to the WBC project. The WBC is not prohibited from operating other Federal programs that focus on women or other underserved small business concerns if doing so does not hinder its ability to deliver the services of the WBC program.

(d) The WBC must have facilities and administrative infrastructure sufficient for its operations, including program development, program management, financial management, reports management, promotion and public relations, program assessment, program evaluation, and internal quality control. The WBC must document annual financial and programmatic reviews and evaluations of its center(s) consistent with Agency policy.

(e) Any new applicant that is accepted into the WBC program after January 24, 2020 must include as part of its official name the specific identification “Women's Business Center.” For the purpose of the WBC program, the official name used is the name assigned to the WBC by the host organization. The legal name of the organization is the name of the host organization and is the name usually listed on line 7a of the Application for Federal Assistance, SF 424. Any WBC that is applying for a renewal grant after January 24, 2020 must also include the specific identification “Women's Business Center” as part of its official name. Until such time that any existing WBC has to submit a renewal application to the SBA for funding, and does not currently include “Women's Business Center” in its official name, it must include the following language prominently on its website and promotional documents: “The Women's Business Center is funded in part by the U.S. Small Business Administration.” However, at the time of submission of its renewal application, it must include WBC as part of its official name.

(f) The WBC must maintain adequate staff to operate the WBC, including the WBC Program Director and at least one other person, preferably a business counselor.

(g) The WBC must use an enforceable conflict-of-interest policy that is consistent with the requirements of 2 CFR 2701.112.

(h) The WBC must be open to the public a minimum of 40 hours a week (which must include evening and weekend hours) and meet other requirements as specified in the program announcement. Emergency closures must be reported to the district office and Office of Women's Business Ownership Program Analyst as soon as is feasible.

(i) The WBC must comply with 13 CFR parts 112, 113, 117, and 136 requiring that no person be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or otherwise be subjected to discrimination under any program or activity conducted by the WBC. However, all WBC marketing programs and services must target women.

(j) The WBC project must not be listed in the organizational structure under any other Federal grant.