13 CFR § 134.1105 - The appeal petition.

§ 134.1105 The appeal petition.

(a) Format. CVE Appeals must be in writing. There is no required format for an appeal petition; however, it must include the following:

(1) A copy of the denial or cancellation and the date the appellant received it;

(2) A statement of why the cancellation or denial is in error;

(3) Any other pertinent information the Judge should consider; and

(4) The name, address, telephone number, and email address or facsimile number, if available, and signature of the appellant or its attorney.

(b) Service. The appellant must serve copies of the entire appeal petition upon the Director, Center for Verification and Evaluation (D/CVE) and VA Counsel at CVEAppealsService@va.gov.

(c) Certificate of service. The appellant must attach to the appeal petition a signed certificate of service meeting the requirements of § 134.204(d).

(d) Dismissal. An appeal petition that does not meet all the requirements of this section may be dismissed by the Judge at his/her own initiative or upon motion of a respondent.

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