13 CFR § 134.211 - Motions.

§ 134.211 Motions.

(a) Contents. All motions must state the relief being requested, as well as the grounds and any authority for that relief. A motion must be filed, served, and accompanied by a certificate of service (see § 134.204).

(b) Statement of whether motion is opposed. Except when filing a motion to dismiss or a motion for summary decision, the moving party must make reasonable efforts before filing the motion to contact any non-moving party and determine whether it will oppose the motion and must state in the motion whether each non-moving party will oppose or not oppose the motion. If the moving party cannot determine whether a non-moving party will oppose the motion, the moving party must describe in the motion the efforts made to contact that non-moving party.

(c) Response. All non-moving parties must file and serve a response to the motion or be deemed to have consented to the relief sought. The response is due no later than 15 days after the motion is served, unless the Judge sets a different deadline. On motion, or on his or her own initiative, the Judge may permit a reply to a response and/or oral argument on the motion.

(d) Service of orders. OHA will serve upon all parties any written order issued in response to a motion.

(e) Motion to dismiss. A respondent may file a motion to dismiss any time before a decision is issued. If an answer or response to the appeal petition has not yet been filed, the motion to dismiss stays the respondent's time to answer or respond.

(f) Motion for an extension of time. Except for good cause shown, a motion for an extension of time must be filed at least two business days before the original deadline.

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