13 CFR § 134.219 - Sanctions.

§ 134.219 Sanctions.

(a) A Judge may impose appropriate sanctions, except for fees, costs, or monetary penalties, which he or she deems necessary to serve the ends of justice, if a party or its attorney:

(1) Fails to comply with an order of the Judge;

(2) Fails to comply with the rules set forth in this part;

(3) Acts in bad faith or for purposes of delay or harassment;

(4) Submits false statements knowingly, recklessly, or with deliberate disregard for the truth; or

(5) Otherwise acts in an unethical or disruptive manner.

(b) Appropriate sanctions may include:

(1) Ordering a pleading or evidentiary filing to be struck from the record;

(2) Dismissing an appeal with prejudice;

(3) Suspending counsel from practice before OHA;

(4) Filing a complaint with the applicable State bar; and

(5) Taking any other action that is appropriate to further the administration of justice.

[75 FR 47441, Aug. 6, 2010]