13 CFR § 134.222 - Oral hearing.

§ 134.222 Oral hearing.

(a) Availability. A party may obtain an oral hearing only if:

(1) It is required by regulation; or

(2) Following the motion of a party, or at his or her own initiative, the Judge orders an oral hearing upon concluding that there is a genuine dispute as to a material fact that cannot be resolved except by the taking of testimony and the confrontation of witnesses.

(b) Place and time. The place and time of oral hearings is within the discretion of the Judge, who shall give due regard to the necessity and convenience of the parties, their attorneys, and witnesses. The Judge may direct that an oral hearing be conducted by telephone.

(c) Public access. Unless otherwise ordered by the Judge, all oral hearings are public.

(d) Payment of subpoenaed witnesses. A party who obtains a witness's presence at an oral hearing by subpoena must pay to that witness the fees and mileage costs to which the witness would be entitled in Federal court.

(e) Recording. Oral hearings will be recorded verbatim. A transcript of a recording may be purchased by a party, at its own expense, from the recording service.

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