13 CFR § 134.302 - Who may appeal.

§ 134.302 Who may appeal.

Appeals from size determinations and NAICS code designations may be filed with OHA by the following, as applicable:

(a) Any person adversely affected by a size determination;

(b) Any person adversely affected by a NAICS code designation. However, with respect to a particular sole source 8(a) contract, only the Director, Office of Business Development may appeal a NAICS code designation;

(c) The Associate or Assistant Administrator for the SBA program involved, through SBA's Office of General Counsel; or

(d) The procuring agency contracting officer responsible for the procurement affected by a size determination.

[61 FR 2683, Jan. 29, 1996, as amended at 67 FR 47249, July 18, 2002; 74 FR 45754, Sept. 4, 2009; 75 FR 47442, Aug. 6, 2010]

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