13 CFR § 314.1 - Definitions.

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§ 314.1 Definitions.

In addition to the defined terms set forth in § 300.3 of this chapter, the following terms shall have the following meanings:

Adequate Consideration means the fair market value at the time of sale or lease of any Property, as adjusted, in EDA's sole discretion, by any services, property exchanges, contractual commitments, acts of forbearance or other considerations that are in furtherance of the authorized purposes of the Investment Assistance, which are received by the Recipient or Owner in exchange for such Property.

Disposition or Dispose means the sale, lease, abandonment or other disposition of any Property and also includes the Unauthorized Use of such Property.

Estimated Useful Life, as used in this part, means the period of years that constitutes the expected useful lifespan of a Project, as determined by EDA, during which EDA anticipates obtaining the economic development benefits of its Investment.

Federal Interest has the definition ascribed to it in § 314.2(a).

Federal Share has the definition ascribed to it in § 314.5.

Owner means a fee owner, transferee, lessee or optionee of any Property. The term Owner also includes the holder of other interests in a Property where the interests are such that the holder effectively controls the use of such Property.

Personal Property means all tangible and intangible property other than Real Property, including the RLF Capital Base as defined at § 307.8.

Project Property means all Property that is acquired or improved, in whole or in part, with Investment Assistance and is required, as determined by EDA, for the successful completion and operation of a Project and/or serves as the economic justification of a Project. As appropriate to specify the type of Property referenced, this part refers to Project Property as “Project Real Property” or “Project Personal Property”.

Property means Real Property, Personal Property and mixed property.

Real Property means any land, whether raw or improved, and includes structures, fixtures, appurtenances and other permanent improvements, excluding moveable machinery and equipment. Real Property includes land that is served by the construction of Project infrastructure (such as roads, sewers and water lines) where the infrastructure contributes to the value of such land as a specific purpose of the Project.

Successor Recipient means an EDA-approved transferee of Property pursuant to § 314.3(d). A Successor Recipient must be an Eligible Recipient of Investment Assistance.

Unauthorized Use means any use of Property acquired or improved in whole or in part for purposes not authorized by EDA Investment Assistance, PWEDA or this chapter, as set forth in § 314.4.

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