13 CFR § 315.5 - The role and geographic coverage of the TAACs.

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§ 315.5 The role and geographic coverage of the TAACs.

(a) TAACs are available to assist Firms in obtaining Adjustment Assistance in all 50 U.S. States, the District of Columbia, and the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico. TAACs provide Adjustment Assistance in accordance with this part either through their own staffs or by arrangements with outside consultants. Information concerning TAACs and their coverage areas may be obtained from the TAAC website at http://www.taacenters.org or from EDA at http://www.eda.gov.

(b) Prior to submitting a petition for Adjustment Assistance to EDA, a Firm should determine the extent to which a TAAC can provide the required Adjustment Assistance. EDA will provide Adjustment Assistance through TAACs whenever EDA determines that such assistance can be provided most effectively in this manner. Requests for Adjustment Assistance will be made through TAACs.

(c) A TAAC generally provides Adjustment Assistance by:

(1) Helping a Firm to prepare its petition for eligibility certification; and

(2) Assisting Certified Firms with diagnosing their strengths and weaknesses, and with developing and implementing an Adjustment Proposal.