13 CFR § 315.4 - Eligible applicants.

§ 315.4 Eligible applicants.

(a) The following entities may apply for assistance to operate a TAAC:

(1) Universities or affiliated organizations;

(2)States or local governments; or

(3) Non-profit organizations.

(b) For purposes of § 315.17 and to the extent funds are appropriated to implement section 265 of the Trade Act, organizations assisting or representing industries in which a substantial number of Firms or workers have been certified as eligible to apply for Adjustment Assistance under sections 223 and 251 of the Trade Act, include:

(1) Existing agencies;

(2) Private individuals;

(3) Firms;

(4) Universities;

(5) Institutions;

(6) Associations;

(7) Unions; or

(8) Other non-profit industry organizations.