14 CFR § 450.161 - Control of hazard areas.

§ 450.161 Control of hazard areas.

(a) General. The operator must publicize, survey, control, or evacuate each flight hazard area identified in accordance with § 450.133 prior to initiating flight of a launch vehicle or the reentry of a reentry vehicle to the extent necessary to ensure compliance with § 450.101.

(b) Verification. The launch or reentry operator must perform surveillance sufficient to verify or update the assumptions, input data, and results of the flight safety analyses.

(c) Publication. An operator must publicize warnings for each flight hazard area, except for regions of land, sea, or air under the control of the vehicle operator, site operator, or other controlling authority with which the operator has an agreement. If the operator relies on another entity to publicize these warnings, it must:

(1) Determine whether the warnings have been issued; and

(2) Notify the FAA if the warnings have not been issued so that the FAA can determine if the launch or reentry can be conducted in a manner that sufficiently protects the public. This notification must provide sufficient information to enable FAA to issue warnings to U.S. aircraft.

(d) Application requirements. An applicant must submit -

(1) A description of how the applicant will provide for day-of-flight surveillance and control of flight hazard areas, if necessary, to ensure that the presence of any member of the public in or near a flight hazard area is consistent with flight commit criteria developed for each launch or reentry as required by § 450.165(b);

(2) A description of how the applicant will provide for any publication of flight hazard areas necessary to meet the requirements of this section; and

(3) A description of how the applicant will establish flight commit criteria based on the results of its toxic release hazard analysis, toxic containment, or toxic risk assessment for any necessary evacuation of the public from any toxic hazard area.

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