14 CFR § 450.165 - Flight commit criteria.

§ 450.165 Flight commit criteria.

(a) General. For each launch or reentry, an operator must establish and observe flight commit criteria that identify each condition necessary prior to flight to satisfy the requirements of § 450.101, and must include:

(1) Surveillance of any region of land, sea, or air in accordance with § 450.161;

(2) Monitoring of any meteorological condition necessary to -

(i) Be consistent with any safety analysis required by this part; and

(ii) If necessary in accordance with § 450.163, mitigate the potential for a launch or reentry vehicle intercepting a lightning strike, or encountering a nearby discharge;

(3) Implementation of any launch or reentry window closure in the launch or reentry window for the purpose of collision avoidance in accordance with § 450.169;

(4) Confirmation that any safety-critical system is ready for flight;

(5) Confirmation from the FAA that the risk to critical assets satisfies the requirements of § 450.101(a)(4) or (b)(4);

(6) For any reentry vehicle, except a suborbital vehicle, monitoring by the operator or an onboard system that the status of safety-critical systems is healthy before enabling reentry flight, to assure the vehicle can reenter safely to Earth; and

(7) Any other hazard controls derived from any safety analysis required by this part.

(b) Application requirements. An applicant must submit a list of all flight commit criteria.

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