14 CFR Appendix C to Part 1215 - Typical User Activity Timeline

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Appendix C to Part 1215 - Typical User Activity Timeline
Time (approximate) Activity
Project conceptualization (At least 3 years before launch; Ref. § 1215.108(a)) Request NASA Headquarters perform study to determine availability of TDRSS. If accepted as a user, begin contractual negotiation by submission of $25,000 non-refundable charge, and place into mission model.
3 years before launch (Ref. § 1215.109(c). Submit general user requirements to permit preliminary planning. Begin payment for pre-mission activities (Ref. § 1215.115(b)(5)).
18 months before launch (earlier if interfacing is expected). Provide detailed requirements for technical definition and development of operational documents and ICD's. (Ref. § 1215.109(e)). If appropriate, initiate action with the Federal Communications Commission for license to communicate with TDRSS at least 18 months prior to launch (Ref. § 1215.107(b)).
3 weeks prior to a scheduled support period (SSP). 2 weeks prior to an SSP Submit scheduling request to GSFC covering a weekly period. Receive schedule from GSFC based on principles of priority (Ref. § 1215.109(b)(2)). Acknowledgement to GSFC required.
Up to 12 hours prior to an SSP. Can cancel an SSP without charge (Ref. § 1215.113(a)(1)).
Up to 45 minutes prior to an SPP. Can schedule an SSP if a time slot is available without impacting another user.
Between SSP minus 45 minutes and the SSP. Schedule requests will be charged at the disruptive update rate (Ref. § 1215.109(b)(5)).
Real-Time. Emergency service requests will be responded to per the priority system (Ref. § 1215.109(b)(3)) and assessed the emergency service rate.
[56 FR 28049, June 19, 1991]

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