15 CFR § 1180.4 - Preparing a product for transfer.

§ 1180.4 Preparing a product for transfer.

(a) Every final STEI product or summary shall, to the extent practicable, be prepared in a format that is consistent with one of the various formats found in NTIS guidelines. In addition, every such product shall -

(1) Be accompanied by a report documentation page (SF 298) or its electronic equivalent;

(2) Be in a form capable of high quality reproduction appropriate to the medium;

(3) In the case of software, be accompanied by relevant documentation, such as operating manuals, but not including printed source code; and

(4) In the case of a product not printed by the Government Printing Office, be accompanied by a statement as to whether the product has been made available for depository distribution by the Government Printing Office.

(b) Each federal agency shall transfer or have transferred to NTIS those STEI products funded by it that are protected by copyright only if there is a license reserved to the Government. In such cases, the agency shall inform NTIS of the terms of the license. Suggested language for inclusion in agency funding instruments is contained in the Appendix to this part.

(c) If an agency has generated or funded an STEI product which should be available for public dissemination but has embedded within it any copyrighted material, the designated liaison appointed pursuant to § 1180.8 should work with NTIS to determine if it would be appropriate to seek a license from the copyright holder in order to make the STEI product available.

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