15 CFR § 2002.0 - Trade Policy Committee.

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§ 2002.0 Trade Policy Committee.

(a) The Trade Policy Committee was created by section 3 of Executive Order 11846 of March 27, 1975 (40 FR 14291, March 31, 1975), as authorized by section 242(a) of the Trade Expansion Act of 1962 (19 U.S.C. 1872), as amended by section 602(b) of the Trade Act.

(b) The Trade Policy Committee is composed of:

(1) The Special Representative for Trade Negotiations, Chairman;

(2) The Secretary of State;

(3) The Secretary of the Treasury;

(4) The Secretary of Defense;

(5) The Attorney General;

(6) The Secretary of the Interior;

(7) The Secretary of Agriculture;

(8) The Secretary of Commerce;

(9) The Secretary of Labor;

(10) The Assistant to the President for Economic Affairs;

(11) The Executive Director of the Council on International Economic Policy.

In addition, the Committee may invite the participation in its activities of any agency or office not listed above when matters of interest to such agency or office are under consideration.

(c) The Trade Policy Committee meets at such times and with respect to such functions as the President or the Chairman of the Committee directs. It has the functions conferred by the Trade Expansion Act of 1962, as amended, upon the interagency organization referred to in section 242 thereof, as amended, the functions delegated to it by the provisions of Executive Order 11846 (see Appendix), and such other functions as the President or the chairman may from time to time direct. Recommendations and advice of the Committee are submitted to the President by the chairman.

[40 FR 18420, Apr. 28, 1975]

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