15 CFR § 2002.1 - Trade Policy Committee Review Group.

§ 2002.1 Trade Policy Committee Review Group.

(a) The Trade Executive Committee, established by regulations appearing by 36 FR 23620, December 11, 1971 (15 CFR 2002.1), is abolished and there is hereby established as a subordinate body of the Trade Policy Committee the Trade Policy Committee Review Group (hereinafter referred to as the “Review Group”). The Review Group consists of a Deputy Trade Representative, designated by the Trade Representative, as chairman, and of high level officials designated from their respective agencies or offices by the Secretaries of Agriculture, Commerce, Defense, Interior, Labor, State and Treasury, and the Executive Director of the Council on International Economic Policy. The Special Representative or the Deputy Special Representative, as appropriate, and each head of an agency or office, may designate from his respective agency or office high level officials to serve as alternate members of the Review Group in the event the regular member is unable to attend any meeting of the Review Group.

(b) The Review Group performs the following functions unless such functions are assigned to a different body by the Special Representative or his designee:

(1) Coordinates interagency activities concerning the trade agreements program and related matters;

(2) Recommends policies and actions, and transmits appropriate materials, to the Special Representative concerning the trade agreements program and related matters, or, when appropriate, approves such policies and actions; and

(3) As appropriate, reviews and approves recommendations of the Trade Policy Staff Committee on policies and actions concerning any proposed trade agreements, the trade agreements program, and related matters.

(4) [Reserved]

(5) Performs such other functions as the Special Representative or a Deputy Special Representative may from time to time direct.

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