15 CFR § 2006.13 - Information open to public inspection.

§ 2006.13 Information open to public inspection.

(a) With the exception of information subject to § 2006.15, an interested person may, upon advance request, inspect at a public reading room in the Office of the United States Trade Representative:

(1) Any written petition, brief, or similar submission of information (other than that to which confidentiality applies) made in the course of a section 302 proceeding;

(2) Any stenographic record of a public hearing held pursuant to section 302 or 304.

(b) In addition, upon written request submitted in accordance with section 308 of the Trade Act, any person may obtain from the Section 301 Chairman the following, to the extent that such information is available to the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative or other Federal agencies:

(1) Information on the nature and extent of a specific trade policy or practice of a foreign government or instrumentality with respect to particular goods, services, investment, or intellectual property rights;

(2) Information on United States rights under any trade agreement and the remedies which may be available under that agreement and under the laws of the United States; and

(3) Information on past and present domestic and international proceedings or actions with respect to the policy or practice concerned.

(c) An appropriate fee will be charged for duplication of documents requested under § 2006.13.