15 CFR § 746.6 - Crimea region of Ukraine.

§ 746.6 Crimea region of Ukraine.

(a) License requirements -

(1) General prohibition. As authorized by Section 6 of the Export Administration Act of 1979, a license is required to export or reexport any item subject to the EAR to the Crimea region of Ukraine and the transfer within the Crimea region of Ukraine except food and medicine designated as EAR99 or software that is necessary to enable the exchange of personal communications over the Internet (such as instant messaging, chat and email, social networking, sharing of photos and movies, Web browsing, and blogging), provided that such software is designated EAR99 or is classified as mass market software under Export Control Classification Number (ECCN) 5D992.c of the EAR, and provided further that such software is widely available to the public at no cost to the user. The `Crimea region of Ukraine' includes the land territory in that region as well as any maritime area over which sovereignty, sovereign rights, or jurisdiction is claimed based on purported annexation of that land territory.

(2) For purposes of applying the EAR deemed export and deemed reexport requirements for foreign nationals located in or from the Crimea region of Ukraine, the nationality of the foreign national (as determined by accepted methods, such as looking to the passport or other nationality document(s) recognized by the United States Government) is what is used for purposes of determining whether a license is required for a deemed export or deemed reexport. For any other export, reexport or transfer (in-country), see the license requirements specified in paragraph (a).

(b) License review policy. Applications will be reviewed with a presumption of denial, except for items authorized under OFAC Ukraine-Related General License No. 4 which will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

(c) License exceptions. You may export, reexport or transfer (in-country) without a license if your transaction meets all the applicable terms and conditions of any of the license exception paragraphs specified in this paragraph (c). To determine scope and eligibility requirements, you will need to refer to the sections or specific paragraphs of part 740 (License Exceptions). Read each license exception carefully, as the provisions available for countries subject to sanctions are generally narrow.

(1) TMP for items for use by the news media as set forth in § 740.9(a)(9) of the EAR.

(2) GOV for items for personal or official use by personnel and agencies of the U.S. Government, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), or the European Atomic Energy Community (Euratom) as set forth in § 740.11(a) and (b)(2) of the EAR.

(3) GFT for gift parcels and humanitarian donations as set forth in § 740.12.

(4) TSU for operation technology and software for lawfully exported commodities as set forth in § 740.13(a) and sales technology as set forth in § 740.13 (b) of the EAR.

(5) BAG for exports of items by individuals leaving the United States as personal baggage as set forth in § 740.14(a) through (d) of the EAR.

(6) AVS for civil aircraft and vessels as set forth in § 740.15(a)(4) and (d) of the EAR.

[80 FR 4778, Jan. 29, 2015, as amended at 80 FR 29533, May 22, 2015]

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