15 CFR § 746.7 - Iran.

§ 746.7 Iran.

The Treasury Department's Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) administers a comprehensive trade and investment embargo against Iran. This embargo includes prohibitions on exports and certain reexport transactions involving Iran, including transactions dealing with items subject to the EAR. These prohibitions are set forth in OFAC's Iranian Transactions Regulations (31 CFR part 560). In addition, BIS maintains licensing requirements on exports and reexports to Iran under the EAR as described in paragraph (a)(1) of this section or elsewhere in the EAR (See, e.g., § 742.8 - Anti-terrorism: Iran).

(a) License Requirements -

(1) EAR license requirements. A license is required under the EAR to export or reexport to Iran any item on the CCL containing a CB Column 1, CB Column 2, CB Column 3, NP Column 1, NP Column 2, NS Column 1, NS Column 2, MT Column 1, RS Column 1, RS Column 2, CC Column 1, CC Column 2, CC Column 3, AT Column 1 or AT Column 2 in the Country Chart Column of the License Requirements section of an ECCN or classified under ECCNs 0A503, 0A980, 0A982, 0A983, 0E982, 1C355, 1C395, 1C980, 1C982, 1C983, 1C984, 2A994, 2D994, 2E994, 5A001.f.1, 5A980, 5D001 (for 5A001.f.1or for 5E001.a (for 5A001.f.1, or for 5D001.a (for 5A001.f.1))), 5D980, 5E001.a (for 5A001.f.1, or for 5D001.a (for 5A001.f.1)) or 5E980.

(2) BIS authorization. To avoid duplication, exporters or reexporters are not required to seek separate authorization from BIS for an export or reexport subject both to the EAR and to OFAC's Iranian Transactions Regulations. Therefore, if OFAC authorizes an export or reexport, such authorization is considered authorization for purposes of the EAR as well. Transactions that are not subject to OFAC regulatory authority may require BIS authorization.

(b) Licensing Policy. Applications for licenses for transactions for humanitarian reasons or for the safety of civil aviation and safe operation of U.S-origin aircraft will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Licenses for other purposes generally will be denied.

(c) License Exceptions. No license exceptions may be used for exports or reexports to Iran.

(d) EAR Anti-terrorism controls. The Secretary of State has designated Iran as a country that has repeatedly provided support for acts of international terrorism. Anti-terrorism license requirements and licensing policy regarding Iran are set forth in § 742.8 of the EAR.

(e) Prohibition on exporting or reexporting EAR items without required OFAC authorization. No person may export or reexport any item that is subject to the EAR if such transaction is prohibited by the Iranian Transactions Regulations (31 CFR part 560) and not authorized by OFAC. The prohibition of this paragraph (e) applies whether or not the EAR requires a license for the export or reexport.

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