15 CFR § 921.80 - Application information.

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§ 921.80 Application information.

(a) Only a coastal state may apply for Federal financial assistance awards for preacquisition, acquisition and development, operation and management, and special education and interpretation projects under subpart H. Any coastal state or public or private person may apply for Federal financial assistance awards for special estuarine research or monitoring projects under subpart G. The announcement of opportunities to conduct research in the System appears on an annual basis in the Federal Register. If a state is participating in the national Coastal Zone Management Program, the applicant for an award under section 315 of the Act shall notify the state coastal management agency regarding the application.

(b) An original and two copies of the formal application must be submitted at least 120 working days prior to the proposed beginning of the project to the following address: Sanctuaries and Reserves Division Ocean and Coastal Resource Management, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, 1825 Connecticut Avenue, NW., suite 714, Washington, DC 20235. Application for Federal Assistance Standard Form 424 (Non-construction Program) constitutes the formal application for site selection, post-site selection, operation and management, research, and education and interpretive awards. The Application for Federal Financial Assistance Standard Form 424 (Construction Program) constitutes the formal application for land acquisition and development awards. The application must be accompanied by the information required in subpart B (predesignation), subpart C and § 921.31 (acquisition and development), and § 921.32 (operation and management) as applicable. Applications for development awards for construction projects, or restorative activities involving construction, must include a preliminary engineering report, a detailed construction plan, a site plan, a budget and categorical exclusion check list or environmental assessment. All applications must contain back up data for budget estimates (Federal and non-Federal shares), and evidence that the application complies with the Executive Order 12372, “Intergovernmental Review of Federal Programs.” In addition, applications for acquisition and development awards must contain:

(1) State Historic Preservation Office comments;

(2) Written approval from NOAA of the draft management plan for initial acquisition and development award(s); and

(3) A preliminary engineering report for construction activities.