16 CFR 1025.11 - Commencement of proceedings.

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§ 1025.11 Commencement of proceedings.

(a) Notice of institution of enforcement proceedings. Any adjudicative proceedings under this part shall be commenced by the issuance of a complaint, authorized by the Commission, and signed by the Associate Executive Director for Compliance and Enforcement.

(b) Form and content of complaint. The complaint shall contain the following:

(1) A statement of the legal authority for instituting the proceedings, including the specific sections of statutes, rules and regulations involved in each allegation.

(2) Identification of each respondent or class of respondents.

(3) A clear and concise statement of the charges, sufficient to inform each respondent with reasonable definiteness of the factual basis or bases of the allegations of violation or hazard. A list and summary of documentary evidence supporting the charges shall be attached.

(4) A request for the relief which the staff believes is in the public interest.

(c) Notice to the public. Once issued, the complaint shall be submitted without delay to the Federal Register for publication.

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