16 CFR § 1118.5 - Investigational hearings.

§ 1118.5 Investigational hearings.

(a) The Commission by subpoena may require any person or firm to provide information at an investigational hearing. These hearings shall be for the purpose of taking the testimony, under oath, of witnesses and receiving documents and other data relating to any subject under investigation. The hearings shall be presided over by the Commission, by one or more of the Commissioners, by an administrative law judge, or by a duly designated officer or employee, who shall be referred to as the presiding official. The hearings shall be stenographically reported, and the transcript shall be made a part of the record.

(b) A Commissioner who participates in a hearing or other investigation, inspection, or inquiry shall not be disqualified solely by reason of that participation from subsequently participating in a Commission decision in the same matter.

(c) Investigational hearings shall be closed to the public, unless otherwise ordered by the Commission.

(d) The release of the record of the hearing shall be governed by the Freedom of Information Act (5 U.S.C. 552), the Commission's regulations under that Act, 16 CFR part 1015 (42 FR 10490, February 22, 1977) or as amended and/or other applicable laws or regulations, except that a person required to give testimony or a deposition may, in accordance with § 1118.7(d), obtain a copy of his or her testimony or deposition.