16 CFR § 1118.6 - Depositions.

§ 1118.6 Depositions.

(a) The Commission by subpoena may require testimony to be taken by deposition at any stage of any investigation. Depositions may be taken before any person who is designated by the Commission and has the power to administer oaths. The person before whom the deposition is taken shall put the deponent under oath. The testimony given shall be reduced to writing by the person taking the deposition or under that person's direction and shall then be submitted to the deponent for signature unless the deponent waives the right to sign the deposition. All depositions shall be closed to the public, unless otherwise ordered by the Commission. The release of the record of such depositions shall be governed by the Freedom of Information Act (5 U.S.C. 552), the Commission's regulations under that Act, 16 CFR part 1015 (42 FR 10490, February 22, 1977) or as amended and/or other applicable laws or regulations, except that the deponent may, in accordance with § 1118.7(d), obtain a copy of his or her deposition.

(b) Any changes which the deponent desires to make shall be entered on the face of the deposition and shall state the reasons for such changes. The deposition shall then be signed by the deponent, unless the deponent waives the right to sign, cannot be found, or is unable or refuses to sign. The deponent must sign the deposition within 30 days of its submission to him or her, or within such shorter time period as the Commission may designate. Whenever a deponent is required to sign in less than ten days, the Commission shall notify the deponent of the reasons for such shorter time period.

If the deponent does not sign the deposition within the prescribed time period, the Commission designee shall sign it and state on the record the fact of the waiver of the right to sign or of the illness or absence of the deponent, or the deponent's inability or refusal to sign, together with the reason if any is given. The deposition may be used in any administrative proceeding, as provided by these rules, or any other proceeding, as allowed by applicable rules.