16 CFR § 1203.12 - Test requirements.

§ 1203.12 Test requirements.

(a) Peripheral vision. All bicycle helmets shall allow unobstructed vision through a minimum of 105° to the left and right sides of the midsagittal plane when measured in accordance with § 1203.14 of this standard.

(b) Positional stability. No bicycle helmet shall come off of the test headform when tested in accordance with § 1203.15 of this standard.

(c) Dynamic strength of retention system. All bicycle helmets shall have a retention system that will remain intact without elongating more than 30 mm (1.2 in.) when tested in accordance with § 1203.16 of this standard.

(d) Impact attenuation criteria—(1) General. A helmet fails the impact attenuation performance test of this standard if a failure under paragraph (d)(2) of this section can be induced under any combination of impact site, anvil type, anvil impact order, or conditioning environment permissible under the standard, either with or without any attachments, or combinations of attachments, that are provided with the helmet. Thus, the Commission will test for a “worst case” combination of test parameters. What constitutes a worst case may vary, depending on the particular helmet involved.

(2) Peak acceleration. The peak acceleration of any impact shall not exceed 300 g when the helmet is tested in accordance with § 1203.17 of this standard.