16 CFR § 1210.14 - Qualification testing.

§ 1210.14 Qualification testing.

(a) Testing. Before any manufacturer or importer of lighters distributes lighters in commerce in the United States, surrogate lighters of each model shall be tested in accordance with § 1210.4, above, to ensure that all such lighters comply with the standard. However, if a manufacturer has tested one model of lighter, and then wishes to distribute another model of lighter that differs from the first model only by differences that would not have an adverse effect on child resistance, the second model need not be tested in accordance with § 1210.4.

(b) Product modifications. If any changes are made to a product after initial qualification testing that could adversely affect the ability of the product to meet the requirements of the standard, additional qualification tests must be made on surrogates for the changed product before the changed lighters are distributed in commerce.

(c) Requalification. If a manufacturer or importer chooses to requalify a lighter design after it has been in production, this may be done by following the testing procedures at § 1210.4.