16 CFR § 1633.3 - General requirements.

§ 1633.3 General requirements.

(a) Summary of test method. The test method set forth in § 1633.7 measures the flammability (fire test response characteristics) of a mattress specimen by exposing the specimen to a specified flaming ignition source and allowing it to burn freely under well-ventilated, controlled environmental conditions. The flaming ignition source shall be a pair of propane burners. These burners impose differing fluxes for differing times on the top and sides of the specimen. During and after this exposure, measurements shall be made of the time-dependent heat release rate from the specimen, quantifying the energy generated by the fire. The rate of heat release must be measured by means of oxygen consumption calorimetry.

(b) Test criteria.

(1) When testing the mattress set in accordance with the test procedure set forth in § 1633.7, the specimen shall comply with both of the following criteria:

(i) The peak rate of heat release shall not exceed 200 kilowatts (“kW”) at any time within the 30 minute test; and

(ii) The total heat release shall not exceed 15 megajoules (“MJ”) for the first 10 minutes of the test.

(2) In the interest of safety, the test operator should discontinue the test and record a failure if a fire develops to such a size as to require suppression for the safety of the facility.

(c) Testing of mattress sets. Mattresses labeled for sale with a foundation shall be tested with such foundation. Mattresses labeled for sale without a foundation shall be tested alone.

(d) Compliance with this standard. Each mattress set manufactured, imported, or renovated on or after the effective date of the standard shall meet the test criteria specified in paragraph (b) of this section and otherwise comply with all applicable requirements of this part 1633.

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