16 CFR § 300.16 - Ornamentation.

§ 300.16 Ornamentation.

(a) Where the wool product contains fiber ornamentation not exceeding 5 percent of the total fiber weight of the product and the stated percentages of fiber content of the product are exclusive of such ornamentation, the stamp, tag, label, or other means of identification shall contain a phrase or statement showing such fact; as for example:

50% Wool
25% Recycled Wool
25% Cotton
Exclusive of Ornamentation
The fiber content of such ornamentation may be disclosed where the percentage of the ornamentation in relation to the total fiber weight of the principal fiber or blend of fibers is shown; as for example:
70% Recycled Wool
30% Acetate
Exclusive of 4% Metallic Ornamentation

(b) Where the fiber ornamentation exceeds five per centum it shall be included in the statement of required percentages of fiber content.

(c) Where the ornamentation constitutes a distinct section of the product, sectional disclosure may be made in accordance with § 300.23 of this part (Rule 23).

[29 FR 6625, May 21, 1964, as amended at 45 FR 44261, July 1, 1980]