16 CFR 300.19 - Use of terms

§ 300.19 Use of terms “mohair” and “cashmere.”
(a) In setting forth the required fiber content of a product containing hair of the Angora goat known as mohair or containing hair or fleece of the Cashmere goat known as cashmere, the term mohair or cashmere, respectively, may be used for such fiber in lieu of the word “wool,” provided the respective percentage of each such fiber designated as “mohair” or “cashmere” is given, and provided further that such term “mohair” or “cashmere” where used is qualified by the word “recycled” when the fiber referred to is “recycled wool” as defined in the Act. The following are examples of fiber content designations permitted under this rule:
50% Mohair—50% Wool
60% Recycled Mohair—40% Cashmere
60% Cotton—40% Recycled Cashmere.
(b) Where an election is made to use the term “mohair” or “cashmere” in lieu of the term wool as permitted by this section, the appropriate designation of “mohair” or “cashmere” shall be used at any time reference is made to such fiber in either required or nonrequired information. The term “mohair” or “cashmere” or any words, coined words, symbols or depictions connoting or implying the presence of such fibers shall not be used in nonrequired information on the required label or on any secondary or auxiliary label attached to the wool product if the term “mohair” or “cashmere” as the case may be does not appear in the required fiber content disclosure.
[29 FR 6625, May 21, 1964, as amended at 45 FR 44262, July 1, 1980]

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