16 CFR § 300.18 - Use of name of specialty fiber.

§ 300.18 Use of name of specialty fiber.

(a) In setting forth the required fiber content of a product containing any of the specialty fibers named in Section 2(b) of the Act, the name of the specialty fiber present may be used in lieu of the word “wool,” provided the percentage of each named specialty fiber is given, and provided further that the name of the specialty fiber so used is qualified by the word “recycled” when the fiber referred to is “recycled wool” as defined in the Act. The following are examples of fiber content designation permitted under this rule:

55% Alpaca—45% Camel Hair
50% Recycled Camel Hair—50% Wool
60% Recycled Alpaca—40% Rayon
35% Recycled Llama—35% Recycled Vicuna—30% Cotton
60% Cotton—40% Recycled Llama.

(b) Where an election is made to use the name of a specialty fiber in lieu of the word “wool” in describing such specialty fiber, such name shall be used at any time reference is made to the specialty fiber either in required or nonrequired information. The name of the specialty fiber or any word, coined word, symbol or depiction connoting or implying the presence of such specialty fiber shall not be used in nonrequired information on the required label or on any secondary or auxiliary label attached to the wool product if the name of such specialty fiber does not appear in the required fiber content disclosure.

[29 FR 6625, May 21, 1964, as amended at 45 FR 44262, July 1, 1980]