17 CFR § 10.101 - Interlocutory appeals.

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§ 10.101 Interlocutory appeals.

Interlocutory review by the Commission of a ruling on a motion by an Administrative Law Judge may be sought in accordance with the following procedures:

(a) Scope of review. The Commission will not review a ruling of the Administrative Law Judge prior to the Commission's consideration of the entire proceeding in the absence of extraordinary circumstances. An interlocutory appeal may be permitted, in the discretion of the Commission, under the following circumstances:

(1) Appeal from an adverse ruling pursuant to § 10.8(b) on a motion to disqualify an Administrative Law Judge;

(2) Appeal from a ruling pursuant to § 10.11(b) suspending an attorney from participation in a particular proceeding.

(3) Appeal from a ruling pursuant to §§ 10.33 and 10.34 denying intervention or limited participation;

(4) Appeal from a ruling pursuant to § 10.68(b) requiring the appearance of an officer or employee of the Commission or another government agency or the production of Commission records;

(5) Upon a determination by the Administrative Law Judge, certified to the Commission either in writing or on the record, that

(i) A ruling sought to be appealed involves a controlling question of law or policy;

(ii) An immediate appeal may materially advance the ultimate resolution of the issues in the proceeding; and

(iii) Subsequent reversal of the ruling would cause unnecessary delay or expense to the parties.

(b) Procedure to obtain interlocutory review -

(1) In general. An application for interlocutory review may be filed within five days after notice of the Administrative Law Judge's ruling on a matter described in paragraphs (a)(1), (a)(2), (a)(3) or (a)(4) of this section, except if a request for certification under paragraph (a)(5) of this section has been filed with the Administrative Law Judge within five days after notice of the Administrative Law Judge's ruling on the matter. If a request for certification has been filed, an Application for interlocutory review under paragraphs (a)(1) through (a)(5) of this section may be filed within five days after notification of the Administrative Law Judge's ruling on such request.

(2) An application for review shall:

(i) Designate the ruling or part thereof from which appeal is being taken;

(ii) Present the points of fact and law relied upon in support of the position taken; and

(iii) Not exceed 15 pages.

(3) Any party that opposes the application may file a response, not to exceed 15 pages, within five days after service of the application.

(4) The Commission will determine whether to grant a review based upon the application for review and the response thereto, without oral argument or further written presentation, unless the Commission shall otherwise direct.

(c) Proceedings not stayed. The filing of an application for review and the grant of review shall not stay proceedings before an Administrative Law Judge unless the Administrative Law Judge or the Commission shall so order. The Commission will not consider a motion for a stay unless the motion shall have first been made to the Administrative Law Judge and denied.

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