17 CFR § 10.66 - Conduct of the hearing.

§ 10.66 Conduct of the hearing.

(a) Expedition. Hearings shall proceed expeditiously and insofar as practicable hearings shall be held at one place and shall continue, without suspension, until concluded.

(b) Rights of parties. Every party shall be entitled to due notice of hearings, the right to be represented by counsel, and the right to cross-examine witnesses, present oral and documentary evidence, submit rebuttal evidence, raise objections, make arguments and move for appropriate relief. Nothing in this paragraph limits the authority of the Commission or the Administrative Law Judge to exercise authority under other provisions of the Commission's rules, to enforce the requirement that evidence presented be relevant to the proceeding or to limit cross-examination to the subject matter of the direct examination and matters affecting the credibility of the witness.

(c) Examination of witnesses. All witnesses at a hearing for the purpose of taking evidence shall testify under oath or affirmation, which shall be administered by the Administrative Law Judge. A witness may be cross-examined by each adverse party and, in the discretion of the Administrative Law Judge, may be cross-examined, without regard to the scope of direct examination, as to any matter which is relevant to the issues in the proceeding.

(d) Expert witnesses. The Administrative Law Judge, at his discretion, may order that direct testimony of expert witnesses be made by verified written statement rather than presented orally at the hearing. Any expert witness whose testimony is presented in this manner shall be available for oral cross-examination, and may be examined orally upon re-direct following cross-examination.

(e) Exhibits. The original of each exhibit introduced in evidence or marked for identification shall be filed and retained in the docket of the proceeding, unless the Administrative Law Judge permits the substitution of copies for the original documents. A copy of each exhibit introduced by a party or marked for identification at his request shall be supplied by him to the Administrative Law Judge and to each other party to the proceeding.

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