17 CFR § 12.209 - Oral testimony.

§ 12.209 Oral testimony.

(a) Generally. When the Judgment Officer determines that an oral hearing is necessary and appropriate, such oral hearing will be held either by telephone or in person in Washington, DC, as set forth below. The Judgment Officer, in his or her discretion with consideration for the convenience of the parties and their witnesses, will determine the time and date of such hearing. During an oral hearing, in his or her discretion, the Judgment Officer may regulate appropriately the course and sequence of testimony and examination of the parties and their witnesses and limit the issues.

(b) Telephonic hearings. When a Judgment Officer has determined to hold an oral hearing by telephone, an order to that effect will be issued at least 15 days prior to the hearing notifying the parties of the date and time of the hearing. The order will direct the parties to confirm, at least 48 hours in advance of the hearing, that the correct telephone numbers for the parties and their witnesses are on file with the Office of Proceedings, and warn that failure to provide correct telephone numbers may be deemed waiver of that party's right to participate in the hearing, to present evidence, or to cross-examine other witnesses. If a party is unavailable by telephone at the appointed time, any other party in attendance may present testimony, and the Judgment Officer also may impose any appropriate sanction listed in § 12.35. All telephonic hearings will be recorded electronically but will be transcribed only upon direction of the Judgment Officer (if necessary) or in the event of Commission review. The parties may secure a copy of the recording of the hearing from the Proceedings Clerk upon written request and payment of the cost of the recording.

(c) Washington, DC hearings. In exceptional circumstances and when an in-person hearing is determined to be necessary in resolving the issues, the Judgment Officer may order an in-person hearing in Washington, DC upon written request by a party and the agreement of at least one opposing party. The Judgment Officer will issue notice of the time, date, and location of an in-person hearing to the parties at least 30 days in advance of the hearing. Except as otherwise provided herein, an in-person hearing will be held and recorded in the manner prescribed in § 12.312(c) through (f) of these rules. A party not agreeing to appear at the hearing in Washington, DC, may be ordered to participate by telephone. Any party not appearing in person or by telephone will be deemed to have waived the right to participate in the hearing, to present evidence, or to cross-examine other witnesses; further, that party may be subject to such action under § 12.35 as the Judgment Officer may find appropriate. The Judgment Officer may order any party who requests or agrees to appear at a hearing in Washington, DC and fails to appear without good cause, to pay any reasonable costs unnecessarily incurred by parties appearing at such a hearing.

(d) Compulsory process. An application for a subpoena requiring a non-party to participate in a telephonic hearing or to appear at an in-person hearing in Washington, DC, may be made in writing to the Judgment Officer without notice to the other parties. The standards for issuance or denial of an application for a subpoena, the service and travel fee requirements, and the method for enforcing such subpoenas are set forth at § 12.313 of these rules.

[59 FR 9637, Mar. 1, 1994]