17 CFR § 171.1 - Scope of rules.

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§ 171.1 Scope of rules.

(a) Matters included. Unless specifically excluded by subsection (b), this part governs review by the Commission, pursuant to sections 17(h), (i) and (o) of the Commodity Exchange Act (“Act”), as amended, of any disciplinary action, membership denial action, registration action or member responsibility action taken by the National Futures Association or any registered futures association. Unless specifically indicated, references in this part to the National Futures Association shall also include any other registered futures association.

(b) Matters excluded. The Commission will not review under these rules the following decisions by the National Futures Association:

(1) A decision in a disciplinary action if the party aggrieved by the decision knowingly failed to pursue the right to appeal an adverse decision to the Appeals Committee of the National Futures Association and there are no extraordinary circumstances that otherwise warrant Commission consideration of the aggrieved party's appeal;

(2) A decision in an arbitration action brought pursuant to section 17(b)(10) of the Act or any rule of the National Futures Association;

(3) Suspension of a member based solely on that member's failure to pay National Futures Association dues;

(4) A decision to disqualify any member for service on the National Futures Association Board of Directors, Business Conduct Committees, Hearing Committee or arbitration panels pursuant to the standards for service adopted by the National Futures Association to implement Commission rule 1.63;

(5) Suspension of a member or a person associated with a member based solely on that person's failure to pay an arbitration award or a settlement agreement resulting from an arbitration action brought pursuant to section 17(b)(10) of the Act or rules and regulations of the National Futures Association, or a settlement agreement resulting from a mediation proceeding sponsored by the National Futures Association, unless there are extraordinary circumstances that involve something more than the ministerial application of a predetermined sanction, or raise a colorable claim that the National Futures Assocaition has acted arbitrarily.

(c) Appeals from excluded decisions. If the General Counsel, or any employee under the General Counsel's supervision as the General Counsel may designate, determines that a notice of appeal submitted to the Commission is from a decision that is excluded from review under this part, the notice of appeal may be stricken and ordered to be returned to the aggrieved party who submitted it.

(d) Applicability of these part 171 rules. Unless otherwise ordered, these rules will apply in their entirety to all appeals and matters relating thereto filed on or after October 31, 1990. Any part 171 proceeding commenced prior to October 31, 1990 continues to be governed by the procedures established in former subpart F of part 3 of the Commission's regulations, if applicable, or by the procedures established for that proceeding by Commission order. Parties to any proceeding pending on October 31, 1990 may, within 30 days after October 31, 1990 by written stipulation executed by all parties, and filed with the Proceedings Clerk before the Commission's final decision is rendered, elect to have the matter governed by the provisions of these part 171 rules.

[55 FR 41068, Oct. 9, 1990, as amended at 70 FR 2352, Jan. 13, 2005; 78 FR 1145, Jan. 8, 2013]

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